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The right kind of online advertising can produce the right kind of response. Banner ads aren’t always tuned out, but you need the expertise to help you determine the right approach - the one that will drive qualified traffic to your site.

Going beyond the banner ad, NetFocus Marketing can build:

  • Focused, targeted and complete end-to-end Web advertising campaigns
  • Creative, compelling messaging and ads aimed at your strategic goals
  • Guidance through a variety of advertising methods
    • Ads: banners, tiles
    • Newsletter and Page Sponsorships
    • Follow-on email campaigns
    • Content- and Value-oriented advertising
    • E-zine and online editorial promotion
    • Anything that’s right for your organization
Do you tune out some banner ads?
Does your target market do the same?
Are you sure that your advertising is getting in front of your target market?

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for a free mini-consultation on your Web site and what NetFocus can do to help you meet your organization’s goals.

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