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Building qualified traffic to your site takes more than just launching a Web site. It takes more than submitting your site once to search engines with automated submission tools. (Did you know that even if you are listed, your listing can drop below the level most potential Visitors will look, even be "thrown out" of the search engine over time?)
It takes careful research, submission and ongoing attention to optimize your listing in search engines. NetFocus Marketing provides a combination of:
  • Careful consideration of your business and industry
  • Analysis of your target market
  • Research resulting in the greatest possible combination of META tags, site content and doorway pages – things search engines use to rank your site
Do you have the level of traffic on your Web site to accomplish your site’s goals?
Are potential Visitors finding your site?
Are you ranking near the top in keyword searches on major search engines?
Are you coming up on keyword searches at all?

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